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Hide and Seek

Your summer challenge – find an open pathway to reach our buildings. 


Summer 2013- Fall 2015

A large area on Academy Street across from the Perkins Student Center has been fenced off as workers begin construction on the new Academy Street Dining and Residence Halls project. Parking and pedestrian access is limited around Kent Dining Hall, Central Campus and Alison Hall. Fencing will remain through the summer. Construction will continue until fall 2015.


UDAILY Article (with map) on Fall construction around Alison Hall, Alison Hall West and 200 Academy Building. 

Alison Access blocked

COMPLETE  (September-November 2013) Closure of south courtyard entrance to Alison Hall and Alison West. 

The next phase of the Academy Street Dining/Residence Project (ASDR)  involves laying a new steam pipe line at THE SOUTH END OF THE ALISON COURTYARD. The work to take approximately 6-8 weeks (into November).

A portion of the courtyard between the Alison buildings will be closed off, along with the entrance closest to Perkins, in the south courtyard area (as indicated in red on the image to the right). To access Alison West from Academy Street, use the new walkway being completed between Alison and 200 Academy, across from the new ISE Lab building.



July 24 – ENTRANCE TO Alison West’s front door is now open!

July 9 – September
Academy Street from Lovett Avenue to Courtney Street will be shut down Tuesday through Thursday, July 9-11, to complete a sewer tie-in for the new Academy Street Dining and Residence Hall (ASDR) project, with periodic shut downs into August. Those wishing to park in the Perkins Garage will need to access the garage from Courtney Street.

Pedestrians and UD employees and visitors will still be able to access the buildings on Academy Street. 

 June 21 – August 5
From June 21 through approximately August 5 the south end of the parking loop and walkway in front of Alison (area directly across from Perkins) will be closed for steam line work. Access to Alison from Academy Street will only be at the north end of the parking loop. Access from the Green is also limited by new brickwork being laid along the front entrance to Alison Hall West. 

 Summer 2013
The driveway on Academy Street between Alison Hall and the Maintenance/Facilities building has been closed for the summer as work begins on installing a new walkway. This section will be bricked and landscaped to provide an attractive connection between East Campus/ ISE Lab and Alison Hall/the Green.


The good news – Alison Hall has been renovated and reopened!

Alison 2013 inside U

On June 4, 2013, many of our HDFS faculty and staff moved into their new offices in Alison Hall. CEHD now occupies most of the first floor, and sharing the second floor with the Fashion Department.

Room numbers are posted below. Phone numbers remain the same. Because UD is installing a new phone system, you may have difficulty reaching all UD faculty/staff by phone through September. Please use email or visit in person. 

HDFS Faculty              Alison Hall Room #

Martha  Buell 202
Steve  Eidelman 111
Michael  Ferrari 119
Boyd  Fleming 213
Ruth  Fleury-Steiner 118
Norma  Gaines Hanks 123
Jennifer  Gallo-Fox 207
Mellissa  Gordon 117
Rena  Hallam 203
Myae  Han 216
Jason  Hustedt 215
Chris  Ohannessian 107
Rob  Palkovitz 112
Cynthia  Paris 212
Staci  Perlman 106
Barbara  Settles 120
Bahira  Trask 113
Donald G  Unger 124
Jennifer  Vu 208
Nancy  Weiss 101

The Dean’s office staff has reallocated within Alison Hall West.  

  • Kristine Ritz Coll – Room 108
  • Gail Rys – Room 109
  • Christina Mason Johnston – Room 110

       Relocated offices within the 106 Dean’s Suite

  • Patsy Howaniec
  • Tim Miller
  • Heather Barron

And Susan Sullivan, in CEHD Financial Services Unit is now in 104 Alison Hall West.

DASL staff has moved from Pearson Hall to 200 Academy Street. Portions of the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood will be expanding into DASL’s space in Pearson.

School of Education – Following renovations in Willard Hall Education Building, the following School of Education faculty/staff have moved:

  The Literacy Faculty is now together in one suite: (the old 120/127 suite)

  • Steve Amendum                121A
  • Bill Lewis                            121B
  • Sharon Walpole                122
  • Rachel Klein                       123
  • Adrian Pasquarella           124
  • David Coker                       127A

   Henry May, director of CRESP, is now in 201.

   Several advisors/field instructors have been brought together in one area:

  • Vicki Goettel                      134A
  • Ann Jornlin                       134B
  • Vickie Lucas                      134C
  • Dede Lilly                            134D





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