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Children's Campus - 6/20/13

The University of Delaware’s teacher education program is built on a strong foundation of research, classwork and field experience.

UD’s faculty and staff serve as teachers, researchers, mentors and advisors, challenging our students to become highly skilled professionals in the fields of education. By integrating classwork with extensive field experience, our students are provided the knowledge and tools to positively affect children and families, locally, nationally or around the world.

The College of Education and Human Development offers two education programs – Elementary Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education. (Other teacher preparation programs are offered at UD through Secondary Education)

Our students start strong and finish strong

We understand it takes a special type of person to become a great teacher. That is why we are selective in whom we admit and diligent in providing them the  skills necessary to ensure their success.

  • In 2014, students enrolling in a our teacher education programs had an average high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.6 and combined SAT scores averaging 1755.
  • Once enrolled, the courses our students take provide them with in-depth knowledge of their content areas, as well as insight into effective classroom management, lesson planning and curriculum analysis.
  • One of the most impressive advantages we offer our students is extensive field placement. Students in our teacher education programs receive hands on experience from day one, spending more than 600 hours in a range of classrooms – observing, tutoring, mentoring and teaching. As a result, our graduates tell us they leave our program extremely well-prepared, whether they obtain a teaching position or move on to graduate school.

Students graduating with an ETE degree are eligible for a second teaching certificate in special education or a middle school content area. ECE graduates are eligible for Early Childhood Teacher Certification and Early Childhood Special Education. Prior to graduation, students take Praxis II tests, measuring general and subject-specific teaching skills, and subject-specific content knowledge. In 2012, the pass rate for UD students was:

Praxis II Test Pass Rate

Education of Young Children


Special Education (ECE)


Elementary Education


Special Education (ETE)


Middle School:English


Middle School:Math


Middle School:Science


Middle School:Social Studies



Our teacher education programs are strong

UD’s initial and advanced teacher preparation programs are fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), indicating we meet the rigorous standards set forth by the professional education community.  The ECE program has been recognized by the National Association for the Education of Young Children as meeting their highest standards.

Our students are valued

To be a good teacher requires intelligence, flexibility and creativity. To become a true professional in education, you need to a little bit extra.  The faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Development are committed to providing our students with the knowledge and skills needed not only to succeed in their classroom, but to excel.

And it shows. Employers tell us time and again that students graduating from UD are prepared to teach the day they enter their classroom.

  • UD alumni were rated higher in average DPAS-II scores for early career educators, than graduates of other Delaware institutes of higher education. UD educators are particularly effective at reaching growth targets in reading–scoring 5.5 points higher than graduates of the next highest school, Wilmington University.   (2014 Delaware Dept. of Education)
  • 93% of alumni who responded to our employment survey (89% response rate) reported that they were either teaching or in graduate school.

Watch these videos to learn more about our degrees in Elementary Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education.

To learn more about our teacher preparation programs, visit our Picking a Major webpage.


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