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HDFS Awards - 4/20/12

The College of Education & Human Development is dedicated to developing solutions to the problems faced by schools and the challenges encountered by children, youth and families around the world.

Our Mission is to make a difference, by advancing knowledge through research; preparing leaders in education and human services; and serving the citizens of Delaware, the nation and the world. See how we impact our community: 

Student information

Approximate Enrollment

  • 1000 undergraduate students
  • 300 graduate students
  • 150 Alternative Routes to Certification

Number of degree programs 

  • 1 Associate of Arts
  • 3 Undergraduate
  • 10 Master’s/Specialist
  • 4 Doctoral

2016 profile of incoming education students* 

  • Average GPA: 3.65
  • Average total SAT: ETE – students 1761, ECE – students 1657

Highlights of our education students graduating class*

  • 96% of 2017 CEHD education graduates passed their PPAT/edTPA national portfolio assessment.
  • Education majors serve 2 full semesters student teaching, in addition to placements in education settings where they observe and mentor children.
  • 94% of undergraduates who responded to our survey were employed or entered graduate school within one year (2016).

2016 UD education students – classroom experience* 

  • 1,126 placements made in early fields and methods courses
  • 493 student teaching placements
  • 29% of students were placed in high needs schools

*Data is only available on students in CEHD’s early childhood and elementary teacher education majors, not human service majors. 

Alumni Awards

Our alumni have received National History Teacher of the Year, Distinguished Principal Award for exceptional school leadership, Grosvenor Teacher Fellow by National Geographic Society, and inducted into the Grassroots Hall of Fame by the National Association of Community Health Centers.

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College Programs 

  • Academic units – School of Education and Human Development & Family Sciences
    The graduate education program was ranked 32nd in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in 2017. The report surveyed 376 schools granting doctoral degrees.
  • Centers5 Research Centers and 3 Living Learning Laboratories along with support services for students and the community.

New Programs/Initiatives

Research Funding and initiatives 

$26 million externally-funded expenditures in 2016/2017 (see our Research website for details)

  • Developed STEM-based curriculum for middle and high school teachers
  • Implementing ESL reading interventions
  • Evaluating writing instruction for students in first grade and community college
  • Created a rating scale for childcare and education centers in Delaware
  • Developing math instruction to address learning difficulties, especially with fractions.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of restraining orders in domestic violence situations.

The history of our College, dating back over 100 years.

Updated 2017

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