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To ensure you get the most out of your Advisement session, please review these Helpful Hints:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to make an appointment with your advisor.  Be aware of registration and drop/add deadlines.
  • Come prepared. It may help to ask yourself:
    • Why did I schedule this appointment?
    • Have I reviewed my major requirements and created a list of questions?
    • Ifyou are meeting to discuss registration for the upcoming semester, have you reviewed the course offerings in UDSIS and outlined the courses you are considering?
  • Arrive promptly! Double check where their office is located, and keep their phone number handy just in case you’re running late and need to call to let them know.
  • Ask Questions. Since academic decisions are ultimately your responsibility, make sure you ask questions during advisement appointments. If you don’t understand a requirement or are not clear on a UD policy or procedure, your advisor can assist you in finding out those answers.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring up sensitive issues (i.e. failing a class, financial and/or personal problems). Tell your advisor about things that may be affecting your ability to do your best.
  • Remember to thank them for their time. This may seem obvious but it is especially important to thank them if they have written a recommendation, sent you information about a scholarship, or hooked you up with that internship you have been dreaming of!
  • Follow up. Don’t forget to follow up on any referrals that your advisor has given you (i.e. writing center, tutoring, counseling center, study abroad).


Advisory Benefits by Year:

You have a huge learning curve this year, and your advisor can be a great resource in helping you make a smooth transition to UD. It is important that you understand your degree requirements, the registration process, any benchmarks or clearances required for your major, and be aware of important deadlines. Other items to discuss with your advisor are minors, study abroad, and undergraduate research.

Meeting with your advisor will ensure that you are following the right course sequence for your major. If you fail to follow the proper sequence, you may not be able to continue into upper level courses. In addition, this is a great year to discuss study abroad, summer internships, and other research opportunities.

Review your academic progress with your advisor. Verify your graduation term and make sure it is accurate in the UDSIS system. It is critical that you understand what degree requirements you have left to complete, so that you can plan appropriately for the next few semesters. This is also a good time to start discussing your plans for after graduation.

It went by fast didn’t it? During your senior year, your advisor can serve as a support and resource person as you move towards graduation and starting your career. Early in your senior year is the time to finalize letters of recommendation and lists of references for employment and graduate school applications. And of course,remember to make a final check on your degree progress to ensure you are on schedule to complete all your requirements.

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