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The University of Delaware is dedicated to discovering solutions to the problems that face our schools and the challenges encountered by children, adults and families in the 21st century.  We focus on applied research, to advance knowledge in the fields of education and human development.

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In my sophomore year, I teamed up with a professor, Dr. Cynthia Paris, to add an Honors component to her Child Development Class. We decided that I would conduct research for the semester around a topic of my choice–children’s thinking about their own thinking. I was so interested in the research that after the semester ended, I just couldn’t stop! We continued the research resulting in an Honors Thesis.

I wanted to see how capable young children are of considering their own thoughts. I found that certain strategies that I used worked more effectively at getting the children to talk about their thinking. This transformed into an investigation of teacher strategies for boosting preschoolers’ awareness of their own thinking and abilities.  I am currently developing and implementing a curriculum model which allows these teacher strategies to be applied in the preschool classroom. Future research will allow me to measure the effectiveness of the model and the academic outcomes.

Rebecca Godwin
Honors Early Childhood Education; Class of 2013

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