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Why Choose Us?

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) offers programs to prepare our students to address the most pressing social issues of our time.

We have over 100 faculty members helping to guide our 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students to become educators, advocates, researchers and leaders in their fields. Undergraduates have 4 majors to choose from, with a wide variety of minors and concentrations that allow you to focus on a particular field within education or development. Our graduate programs span a wide range of disciplines, providing in-depth exploration in the fields of education and human services.   For a complete summary of what our college has to offer, see our online booklet

Unsure what direction you want to take?

Each student is assigned an advisor who will help guide you through the course selection, evaluate your preferences and help steer you to a career path just right for you.

Graduates of our college are well regarded by employers, who know our students have the knowledge and experience to succeed. In addition to their coursework, our students can participate in over 500 hours of field work, beginning their freshman year, where they apply their learnings.

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Looking to get a Graduate degree?

Our graduate students work closely with faculty, helping them become respected scholars, researchers, professors or leaders in the fields of education, school psychology, leadership, early childhood, human development and family studies and more.

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