CEHD’s Strategic Plan

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CEHD: Committed to Making a Difference

In 2012, the College of Education and Human Development unveiled its strategic plan–establishing the mission, vision and goals for the College and outlining strategies and metrics to meet those goals. Since that time, faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to advance our college, helping to better meet the needs of our community.  

In 2016 –following the installment of a President Assanis at the University– we reviewed our accomplishments and refreshed our goals to align with the president’s directives.


The College of Education and Human Development:

  • Advances knowledge and develops solutions to the problems that face our schools and the challenges encountered by children, adults and families and the communities in which they live;
  • Prepares leaders in education and human services through programs of superior quality; and
  • Serves the citizens of Delaware, the nation and the world through the application of rigorous, interdisciplinary research that addresses critical social needs of our time.


The College of Education and Human Development will lead, inspire and engage our students, the citizens of Delaware, the nation, and the world in solving critical educational and social problems, and in promoting learning and development in all children and families.

The College of Education and Human Development will be characterized by:

  • Ground-breaking, multidisciplinary research that solves 21st Century problems and impacts the lives of children, parents, families, teachers and schools locally and throughout the world.  Our research will be rigorous, high-impact applied science that is conducted in real-world settings as well as in laboratories and will be highly regarded in our fields.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized researchers and scholars in our fields.  Our faculty will be highly productive, collaborative and engaged leaders who inspire their students and colleagues to find solutions to the most perplexing educational and social problems of our day.
  • Prestigious graduate and undergraduate programs that are innovative, demanding and multidisciplinary.  Our academic programs will emphasize the application of the latest research and knowledge in our fields and integrate classroom learning with experience in authentic settings.
  • A motivated, diverse and engaged student body who become a strong community of self-motivated learners and who develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be inquisitive, reflective critical thinkers.  Our students will undertake new challenges with confidence in the competences they have developed, continue their commitment to learning throughout their careers and act with integrity and respect for others.
  • Key collaborations with local, national and international organizations that improve learning, development and quality of life for citizens of Delaware, the nation and the world.  CEHD will engage in leadership initiatives that maximize the impact of our service, integrate service with the research and academic missions of the College, and include model partnerships with public and private entities.
  • An outstanding staff that is honored for its competent and efficient service to the College and across the University community.  CEHD staff will be competent, service-oriented and engaged in efforts to continually improve the College.
  • An active, engaged and connected alumni.  Our alumni will be professional leaders who share cutting-edge knowledge and skills with their colleagues, community leaders who address local needs, and proud Blue Hens who help us embrace the challenges of serving in the 21st Century.

To accomplish our vision, we will need the support of faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community:

  • If you are interested in becoming more involved, helping us increase collaboration, identify funding opportunities or applying our knowledge, we’d like to talk with you.
  • If you would like to make a gift to the College of Education and Human Development, please contact the Office of University Development at (302) 831-3817 or visit the College of Education and Human Development Giving Page.