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MADE CLEAR is a collaborative National Science Foundation-funded project that prepares educators from Delaware and Maryland to teach about climate change.

The University of Delaware has an interdisciplinary team of researchers and educators focusing on the design, implementation and outcomes of teacher professional development that helps teachers translates the science of climate change in teaching and learning. The Climate Change Academies use a blended learning approach, incorporating in-person sessions, webinars, and independent group and individual work.

The $5.8-million cooperative agreement supports implementation of the Maryland-Delaware Climate Change Education, Assessment, and Research (MADE CLEAR) partnership, an effort to forge new ways to deliver effective, relevant climate change education in grades 8–12 that could serve as a national model. Rather than introducing climate change science as a new subject in an already crowded curriculum, the goal is to integrate understanding of climate change within new science standards and environmental literacy requirements in Maryland and Delaware schools.


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