Studying Abroad

CEHD provides a world of opportunities.

The University of Delaware is a national leader in study abroad programs, consistently ranking among the top five public research-extensive institutions for student participation. Within the College of Education and Human Development, we encourage our students to take advantage of this life-changing experience. Participants take classes, augmented by guest speakers and excursions. The coursework includes visits or service-learning placement at local primary schools, orphanages or hospitals and inspires students to develop an appreciation and even love for people from a radically different culture. This experience is so profound, many students participate in more than one program. CEHD partners with the Institute for Global Studies (IGS), the home of UD study abroad. To learn more about UD’s 100+ programs, and for resources on financial aid, scholarships, pre-departure preparation and more, visit the IGS website. If you would like to help support our students by giving to our Study Abroad fund, please visit our Make a Gift page.

Full Semester Programs

UD students pose with Cayman class on students

Cayman Islands

Complete your student teaching in Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands and home to over 55,000 residents. Known for its natural beauty, picturesque beaches, coral reefs, underwater sea wall and shipwrecks, this island is a popular tourist destination and home to many banking, financial, and insurance institutions. Student teaching takes place at the Cayman International School (CIS) in Grand Cayman. CIS is a high-quality educational institutional that is proud of its international diversity and the level of excellence it has achieved. This program is a 12-week, full-day student teaching experience. Read about how senior ETE and ECE majors Hannah and Rachel fulfilled their Student Teaching II placement in the Spring 2018. 


HDFS has formed a partnership with several schools in Greece to foster a collaborative relationship between our programs in early childhood education. UD education students can spend a semester student teaching at the American Community Schools (ACS)– Athens. The school serves a diverse student population of more than 56 nationalities, giving UD’s CEHD students the opportunity to gain a truly global perspective on education. Using an American curriculum with a Greek perspective, first graders spend time in the chemistry lab, fifth graders explore geometry through M.C. Escher paintings and ancient sites, and eighth graders volunteer at local refugee camps. Read more about teaching abroad in Greece.

CEHD student in Greece

Winter Session Programs

Cayman Islands

For the Winter 2020: Cayman Islands EDUC Internship (5 weeks/3 credits), students will complete their teaching internships in Grand Cayman. This international teaching internship (EDUC 467) takes place at the Cayman International School (CIS), a high-quality educational institution that is proud of its international diversity and the level of excellence it has achieved. This program is a 5-week, full-day experience. Students will participate in the teaching hours and responsibilities of the primary classroom teacher, with classroom assignments ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade, depending on availability and student interests. The International Student Teaching program is designed for senior Elementary Education majors for their Student Teaching II placement., or for those wanting to participate in a third student teaching experience.

CEHD students in the Cayman Islands

Erica Komp poses with German students who are holding their self portrait drawings


For the Winter 2020 Social Entrepreneurship micromester (3 weeks/3 credits), students will study abroad in Berlin and Munich. Students will meet with German social entrepreneurs, foundations, award bodies, and hubs/intermediaries to get a solid understanding of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem and culture in Germany. Even more meaningful, they will gain experience working on a social issue through two service learning activities. In addition, there will be ample free time to explore the “home” cities or travel elsewhere in Germany or Europe. The course (ENTR/HDFS 367) fills requirements for both HDFS concentrations and ENTR majors/minors/certificates. Knowledge of the German language is not necessary. Although German culture is different enough to shift and inform new perspectives, English speaking visitors are comfortable traveling around the cities.


The Winter 2020: Athens EDUC Internship (5 weeks/3 credits) targets ECE and ETE candidates will be immersed in a different culture and will become globally engaged by collaborating with an educator abroad, coteaching lessons based on local curriculum, and experiencing the community where their students live. The teaching internship (EDUC 467) takes place at the American Community School (ACS) Athens, a student-centered international school, embracing American educational philosophy, principles and values. This program is a 5-week, full-day experience. Classroom assignments may range from first through eighth grade, depending on availability and student interests. Students will participate in the teaching hours and responsibilities of the primary classroom teacher.

Three students stand in front of the American Community School Athens

Students on Winter 2019 study abroad in Hawaii


For the Winter 2020: Hawaii DIST/EDUC/HDFS program (5 weeks/6 credits), students will study in Hawaii, where they will engage with local students, families, and disability organizations as well as faculty and staff from Hawaii’s Center for Disability Studies. Students may choose to take a course about transition issues of youth with disabilities (EDUC 463/673) or a families and disabilities course (HDFS 270). All students will take a course that examines cultural dimensions of disability (DIST 301). All courses combine classroom and field-based activities and may be counted toward the Disability Studies minor, as well as some other majors/minors. In addition to academic excursions that focus on the history, natural environment, and peoples of Hawaii, students will have time to explore, hike, or enjoy the many local cultures. This winter session program is an ideal opportunity to expand your understanding of disabilities while enjoying the beauty of Hawaii. E Komo Mai!

South Africa

For the Winter 2020: South Africa HDFS/HSBM program (5 weeks/6 credits), students will study abroad in South Africa. Norma Gaines-Hanks, Associate Professor for HDFS, has been coordinating Study Abroad programs in South Africa for twenty years. The coursework includes visits or service-learning placement at local primary schools, orphanages or hospitals and inspires students to develop an appreciation and even love for people from a radically different culture. There will be multiple cultural excursions (including Soweto and a safari game lodge) as well as a service-learning placements in both Pretoria and Cape Town. HDFS 334 satisfies a program requirement for Human Services students. HDFS 365 satisfies DLE requirement for students who enrolled at UD after 2006. HDFS 335 satisfies elective credit requirement. HOSP 316 satisfies multicultural requirement or free elective for all students including HOSP students. Please note: only those applicants who have attended an interest meeting will be considered for acceptance.

CEHD students in South Africa

ETE student in St Peters classroom


For the Winter 2020: Barcelona EDUC – micro program (3 weeks/3 credits), students will study classroom management for social and emotional learning (EDUC 390) in Barcelona, Spain, a city known for its vibrant art and food scenes, its Mediterranean seascape, and its unique Catalunyan culture and language. Students will engage course material through online modules and working with international teachers in English speaking classrooms in our partner school in Barcelona, experiencing how to build communities of learners and to apply classroom management strategies. Additionally, they will experience the beauty and culture of Barcelona through guided tours of the city, a visit to Gaudi’s famous cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, and a Catalunyan cooking class. This winter session program also usually includes a visit to the breathtaking Montserrat monastery with its dramatic mountaintop views across northern Spain, and other excursions within the city to Casa Mila, the Picasso Museum, and other famous Barcelona sites.

Allison Karpyn with CEO of One Eleuthera

Bahamas (Currently on hiatus – no enrollment for 2020)

Bahamas HDFS Micro GRAD program (2 weeks/3 credits), graduate students will study abroad on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. This course (HDFS 667) provides an on-site opportunity to examine how policy is applied in an international setting, particularly for a nation in early stages of development. Students will work with leadership from the largest non-profit in the Bahamas, as well as meet with local policy makers, community residents, and faculty from the University of the Bahamas. Coursework will include both a review of the history of the independence of the Bahamas and the development of the social service sector in the nation. Graduate students interested in global policy, nutrition and public health, poverty and non-profit administration will find the program of particular interest.