Communications Resources & Guidelines

We are here to assist you with your design and communications needs.All materials that are used for external audiences must meet University of Delaware brand guidelines. This page provides a summary of services available and templates for our most frequently requested materials.

University Brand Guidelines

UD’s Office of Communications & Marketing maintains style guidelines to help all those working at and with UD to be the best stewards of its image, reputation and story throughout the world. Be sure to check these links often, as changes are made frequently.


Photography Guidelines & Release Forms

The CEHD Communications team can provide photo services to support your website, social media and UDaily submissions. Contact our communications team to discuss your photography needs.

  • To schedule a professional headshot, contact Kate Dempsey in UD’s photography coordinator, located in The Academy Building, 105 E Main St.
  • For UD’s full photo policy, photo release form and reprint information, visit Photo Services.

Model Release Forms

UD requires a signed model release form for any (identifiable) individual in a photo. This includes adults as well as minor children. To learn more about guidelines regarding permission forms, please contact Photo Services.

You are urged to be respectful of the images used. Be aware of distracting elements in the background – trash cans, fire extinguishers, construction signs. Please be cognizant of the children both in the foreground AND background to avoid nose picking, diaper changes, underwear showing, and disrespectful t-shirts. Children’s names on name tags, cubbies, desks, etc must be blurred out before posting.


Design Materials

CEHD brochure for graduate programs


To have a brochure created for your program/project, submit your request to the CEHD Communications team. Please be aware, this typically requires a 2-3 month lead time.

  • Provide the necessary information in the attached Word doc.
  • The Comms team will provide suggestions/feedback of text for approval.
  • Text is submitted to the OCM design team. You will be permitted two rounds of edits before final approval.
  • Provide the purchase code, quantity and delivery date, and OCM will coordinate the print job.
CEHD flyer template

Flyer Templates

Download these flyer templates before your next event or program announcement. These 8.5″ x 11″ flyers are provided in a Microsoft PowerPoint file (.pptx) and can be edited from your computer.

We are happy to review your design, to ensure you’ve created an effective piece that meets the needs of your audience. Send your flyer to the CEHD Communications team.

Download the flyer templates

CEHD postcard template

Postcard/Invitation Templates

These templates are 6″ x 4″ and can be used for postcards or invitations. This is a Microsoft PowerPoint file (.pptx) and can be edited from your computer.

We are happy to review your design, to ensure you’ve created an effective piece that meets the needs of your audience. Send your design to the CEHD Communications team.

Download the postcard templates

CEHD postcard template

Presentation Templates

Show your UD pride! Use a UD-branded slideshow for all your PowerPoint presentations. We’ve created a CEHD Slide Deck that provides a variety of slide designs that you can choose from.

For other design needs, please contact the CEHD Communications team.


Digital Assets

E-mail Newsletters

When creating an electronic newsletter for your department, contact the CEHD Communications team to ensure you incorporate effective design and messaging techniques for maximum impact.

Social Media

All social media sites affiliated with UD must be coordinated through the CEHD Communications team. For assistance, please contact us.

Website Support

To create or update the design of website that represents a center, department or program affiliated with CEHD or UD, contact the CEHD Communications team.