Committees & Members

Members of the UD CEHD faculty

College Bylaws

Bylaws for the College of Education and Human Development – Approved by Faculty vote 6/2016

All College Meeting Presentations

Minutes of the CEHD All-College meetings are available on the CEHD Google team drive, under CEHD Collegewide meeting minutes and presentations.  (If you do not have access, please contact OET-Help to be added to the shared folder).

College Committees & UD Senate: 2019-2020

College Faculty Council

Joshua Wilson (chair) Martha Buell
George Bear Ruth Fleury-Steiner
Stephanie Del Tufo Tia Barnes

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Committee

Janine de Novais Roderick Carey
Vickie Goettel Jen Carrano

College Faculty P&T Committee

Laura Desimone Michael Ferrari
Zoubeida Dagher Barbara Settles

College Graduate Curriculum Committee

Roberta Golinkoff Ann Aviles
Doug Archbald Jen Gallo-Fox
Bryan Van Gronigen (Fall) Jim Hiebert (Spring)

College Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Christina Barbieri Lynn Worden
Jen Gallo-Fox Melissa Gordon
ETE Advisor

UCTE Representatives

Sarah Mallory (Graduate)
Stephanie Kotch-Jester (Undergraduate)
Rena Hallam

UD Faculty Senate

Fred Hofstetter
Bill Lewis
Stephanie Raible