Committees & Members



Bylaws for the College of Education and Human Development – Approved by Faculty vote 6/2016

Minutes of the CEHD All-College meetings are available on the CEHD Google team drive, under CEHD Collegewide meeting minutes and presentations.  (If you do not have access, please contact OET-Help to be added to the shared folder). 

  • October 2017
  • May 2017
  • September 2016
  • April 2015
  • October 2014

UD Faculty Senate (As of September 2018)

Steve Eidelman (fall) Martha Buell (spring) Fred Hofstetter William Lewis

CEHD Faculty Council

Zoubeida Dagher
Marika Ginsburg-Block, SOE
Josh Wilson
Martha Buell, HDFS (Chair)
Rena Hallam, HDFS
Myae Han, HDFS

2018 CEHD Faculty Council designated the following committee members.

CEHD Faculty P & T Committee

Martha Buell, HDFS (Chair)
Michael Ferrari
Rena Hallam
Nancy Jordan, SOE
Eugene Matusov, SOE

CEHD Graduate Curriculum Committee

George Bear, SOE
Roberta Golinkoff, SOE (fall)
Jim Hiebert, SOE (spring)
Jennifer Gallo-Fox, HDFS
Rena Hallam, HDFS

CEHD Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Jen Gallo-Fox, HDFS
Mellissa Gordon, HDFS
Lynn Worden
Laurie Palmer, SOE
Sharon Walpole, SOE

CEHD Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Committee

Kristine Ritz Coll, Chair
Jen Carrano, HDFS
Roderick Carey, HDFS
Carol Wong, SOE
Janine DeNovais, SOE