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CEHD student writes gratitude letter

Donation buttonEvery gift received by the College of Education and Human Development can make a difference in the lives of our 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students.

As a benefactor, you can help launch the next generation of leaders— educators, early interventionists and directors of community organizations— or provide assistance to the children, families and schools we serve.

It doesn’t take a lot to have a significant impact on a student’s future.

Read how a generous donation by UD alumna Donna Fontana helped make a difference in the life of Morgan Gravett, an ETE student. 

Please show your support for these important initiatives by making a donation to the College of Education and Human Development:

  • Study Abroad–Working abroad in orphanages, schools or with individuals with disabilities can be a life changing experience. Your gift can give students a global perspective on the challenges people face around the world.
  • Scholarships–Many qualified, committed students need financial assistance to fulfill their dream of becoming a teacher or human services provider.  Your gift can buy books for a semester or reduce the amount of loans that a student needs. (See how Donna Fontana, BE85, is supporting education students)
  • Children’s Campus–Our early education programs provide assistive technology to enable children with disabilities to fully engage in activities with other children. Your gift could enrich a child’s life.
  • Faculty awards–To help recognize the dedication and achievements of CEHD faculty members, your gift could support our Excellence in Teaching and Research awards.

Just visit UD’s secure online giving form to designate your funds to the College of Education and Human Development or to support a specific unit or center within the College.

For more information on how to make a gift through UD’s Giving program, please email the Office of Annual Giving or call 866-535-4504.

Or you may contact the CEHD Director of Development directly:

TJ Cournoyer: (302) 831-7459,

Thank you!



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