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Carol Vukelich headshot

Dr. Carol Vukelich

Dean, UD’s College of Education and Human Development, 2016-2019

Formerly the deputy dean for the College, Dr. Vukelich accepted the role of dean in 2016, where she intends to continue advancing our College’s vision, looking to solve the problems that face our schools and the challenges encountered by children, youth and families, locally and globally.

Prior to this new position, Dr. Vukelich held the role of director for UD’s Delaware Center for Teacher Education (DCTE) and currently serves as the L. Sandra and Bruce L. Hammonds Professor in Teacher Education.

A recipient of the University’s Excellence in Teaching award, Vukelich’s research and teaching interests include children’s early literacy development and teachers’ professional development, specifically coaching and reflection strategies.  She serves on several editorial boards, and has served as President of the Association for Childhood Education International and the International Reading Association’s Literacy Development in Young Children Special Interest Group.

Vukelich was a founder of the Delaware Writing Project, and serves as one of its co-directors. She has published extensively.  Books by Dr. Vukelich include Helping Young Children Learn Language and Literacy: Birth through Kindergarten, 3rd edition (with James F. Chrisite, B.J. Enz, and Kathleen Roskos, 2013) and Teaching Language and Literacy: Preschool through Elementary Grades, 5th ;  Building a Foundation for Preschool Literacy:  Effective Instruction for Children’s Reading and Writing Development, 2nd edition, (with James F. Christie, 2009); and Achieving EXCELLENCE in Preschool Literacy Instruction (edited with Laura M. Justice, 2008).

Along with colleagues Martha Buell and Myae Han, Vukelich was the recipient of three Early Reading First grants, each designed to improve young children’s language and early reading skills through enhancing their teachers’ knowledge about teaching these important skills to young children. Supporting teachers’ professional development has long been central to her work.

To learn more about Dr. Vukelich’s plan to move the College forward, see our Q & A with Carol from September 2015.