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Celebration Of Excellence Winners 2019
20189 Celebration of Excellence awardees

Celebration of Excellence 2019

On Friday, May 3, 2019, the College of Education and Human Development recognized our undergraduate and graduate students for their academic excellence, research, leadership, and outstanding potential as professionals in the fields of education and human services.

The departments of Human Development and Family Sciences and the School of Education held concurrent ceremonies at Clayton Hall from 3 to 4 p.m., followed by a joint reception. Faculty, family and friends were on-hand to congratulate the recipients.

Several of the awards presented were established by generous donors, passionate about their time spent working in the fields of education and human services. A number of these benefactors attended the celebration, where they were able to meet their grateful awardees.

HDFS Awardees at the 2019 Celebration of Excellence


Human Development and Family Sciences Award Recipients

Undergraduate Awards

Alice P. Eyman Professional Development Award
Recipient: Clark Scott

Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children Student Leadership Award
Recipient: Nicole Robinson

Irma Ayers Scholar Award
Recipient: Sophia Castro

Jane I. Davidson Laboratory Preschool Award
Recipient: Brittany Dougherty

Outstanding Student Teachers Awards
Recipients: Alissa Richmond
Emily Fischer
Charlotte Priest
Jenna Mickle

Amy Rextrew Rising Senior Award
Recipient: Patty Swanson

Amy Rextrew Rising Junior Award
Recipient: Haley Meyer

Catherine Bieber Scholarship for Academic Achievements and Leadership in Human Development and Family Sciences
Recipient: Samantha Leonard

Lila C. Murphy Award for Women’s Equity and Leadership
Recipient: Heather Cronin

Lila C. Murphy Community and Family Services Scholarship
Recipient: Colleen Mueller

Graduate Awards

Amy Rextrew Graduate Student Award
Recipient: Kathleen McCallops

Lynn R. Okagaki Graduate Tuition Scholarship in Human
Development and Family Sciences

Recipient: Gerilyn Slicker

Strattner-Gregory Child Advocacy Award
Recipient: Elizabeth Heiks


School of Education Award Recipients

Undergraduate Awards

Delaware Association of School Administrators Award
Recipient: Nicole Mejia

Excellence in Academic Achievement Award
Recipients: Katelyn Coleman (SO)
Emily Normand (SO)
Samantha Shapiro (JR)
Sarah Buchler (SR)
Morgan Goodman (SR)

Mathematics Education Undergraduate Award
Recipient: Rebecca Siegal

VanCamp/Remage Teacher Education Merit Award
Recipient: Rebecca Gandy

Carol Vukelich Teacher Education Enrichment Award
Recipient: Emma Meizell

Baker Memorial Award for Excellence in Social Studies Education
Recipients: Sylena Miller
Lauren Williams

Elementary Teacher Education Outstanding Student Teachers
Recipients: Kaitlyn Quinn
Samantha Seidenberger
Payton Shetzler
Marissa Snyder

Graduate Awards

Frank B. Murray Award for Excellence in Graduate Research
Recipient: John Z. Strong

Mathematics Education Graduate Award
Recipient: Jenifer Hummer

Pearl and Oscar Bregman Award
Recipient: Angela Harris

Richard L. Venezky Award for Creative Research in Literacy
Recipient: Maureen McDonald

Robert W. Stegner Award
Recipient: Lori Maramante

Victor Mankin Award
Recipients: Elisabeth Burtch
Kristiana Rios

University Doctoral Fellowship Award
Recipients: Angela Harris
Marcia Shirilla

Faculty Awards

School of Education Distinguished Faculty Award
Recipients: David Coker
Kristen Ritchey

School of Education Second Mile Award
Recipient: Sarah Celestin