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James Hiebert, Robert J. Barkley Professor of Education, has been selected to receive the SIG/RME Senior Scholar Award.

Hiebert was selected as the recipient of a highly significant national award from AERA’s Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education: SIG-RME’s Senior Scholar award.  Winners of this award are considered to be the most distinguished scholars in mathematics education in the nation and considered to be those who have made the most significant contributions in the history of mathematics education.

In May 2014, Hiebert was the recipient of UD’s Outstanding Graduate Advising and Mentoring Award for his dedication to graduate students and commitment to excellence in graduate training.

Dr. Hiebert has been a highly productive and influential mathematics education scholar and researcher for over thirty years. His distinguished career has had an unparalleled impact on our field, both national and international.

His program of research has consistently embodied levels of breadth and depth that are rarely achieved, and his scholarship has shaped many of the ideas that form the foundation on which the current thinking about mathematics education continues to build. His influence is far-reaching; it extends to the thousands of scholars who have cited him, to more than a dozen of doctoral students whom he has advised and to the numerous early- and to the mid-career faculty whom he has mentored.

Dr. Hiebert has purposefully designed and conducted significant research around three themes:

(a)   connections between learning and teaching mathematics

(b)  international comparisons of mathematics instruction

(c)   mathematics teacher preparation.

Of particular significance was his contribution to identifying international differences in instructional practices and student performance with TIMSS. Another notable project was the Mid-Atlantic Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning (MAC-MTL), a partnership between the University of Delaware, Penn State University and the University of Maryland, which was funded for 13 years. Dr. Hiebert has also published over 110 top-tier journal articles and books.

The award was presented in April 2015, at AERA during the SIG-RME business meeting.

Click here to listen to a podcast of Dr. Hiebert’s presentation “Hiebert’s Images of Educational Improvement” during the AERA conference.