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Faculty Mentor(s): Christina Areizaga Barbieri
Hours/Week: 8-10

Dr. Barbieri’s research program centers broadly on instruction for students who struggle in math. Specifically, her work focuses on the evaluation and application of learning principles to improve mathematical competencies and motivation for math, especially for students at risk for low mathematics achievement. Dr. Barbieri studies mathematical competencies from preschool to adulthood. A core part of her work aims to understand how common mathematical errors can be used most effectively to reduce misconceptions and improve learning in math content areas that students commonly struggle with. Recently this has involved both algebra and fractions, both gateway topics for success in STEM disciplines and careers.  Dr. Barbieri also considers the role of motivation and attitudes towards mathematics in student learning.

In Fall 2020, Dr. Barbieri’s various projects on mathematical cognition and learning will have a range of remote activities for an undergraduate scholar to receive mentoring in, such as analyzing students’ problem-solving skills and explanations, creating databases, and preparing conference submissions. This apprenticeship is fully remote for Fall and Winter 2020 and work is mainly asynchronous with the exception of a one-hour Zoom meeting about once a week.

Required Skills

  • Be in good academic standing (GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • interested in student thinking and learning
  • Diligent, organized and attentive to detail
  • Have good time-management skills
  • Access to a stable Wifi connection and laptop.
  • Be able to commit to at least 8 hours a week (up to 10 hours) throughout the semester (excluding finals week and Thanksgiving break).

Recommended Skills

The following are preferred but not required:

  • Have experience using Excel and/or SPSS.
  • Some experience tutoring mathematics (at any grade level)
  • Comfortable thinking and talking about mathematics (at various grade levels)
  • Interest in attending graduate school