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Faculty Mentor(s): Lauren P Bailes, PhD
Hours/Week: 5-7

The undergraduate research scholar will contribute to one project within Dr. Lauren Bailes’s research program: this project observes and evaluates a design thinking professional development delivered to schools by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE). Specifically, the project will assess school or district team readiness through several quantitative (e.g., survey items) and qualitative (e.g., interviews) measures. Part of the readiness assessment will include an examination of team and organizational leadership. After assessing baseline levels of readiness, we’ll examine the ways in which teams were equipped to implement the organizational improvement efforts they designed for themselves as well as the efficacy of those improvement efforts.

Required Skills

The scholar will join a multi-site research team, and our only required skills are your abilities to work collegially, professionally, independently, and on deadline.

Recommended Skills

While our team will mentor you with what you need to know, we can move faster if you have a working proficiency of Microsoft Word and Excel and the Google Apps suite (Docs, Sheets, Forms).