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This fall, CEHD established partnerships with a number of organizations to foster academic success for students of all ages.

OctoberAmerican Community School of Athens offers UD students the opportunity to travel to Greece to student teach, serve internships and conduct research, and visiting scholars from both countries will collaborate on the development of education curriculum, instruction and research. ACS Athens is a student-centered international primary and secondary school with 900 students of more than 56 nationalities, giving CEHD students the opportunity to gain a truly global perspective on education.

November – The Partnership for Public Education will mobilize interdisciplinary research, educational and public service capacities to provide sustained assistance to Delaware schools with low-income and other at-risk students. It aligns with the University’s larger Community Engagement Initiative, which seeks to expand the University’s commitment to civic and community engagement. The partnership team includes Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, associate director of UD’s School of Education; Kelly Sherretz, policy scientist at the Institute for Public Administration; and Ariana Minella, assistant policy scientist.

DecemberStubbs Elementary School will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of faculty in the School of EducationDepartment of Human Development and other CEHD centers to develop multi-tiered programs to support teachers and students in a school that serves a high-needs and a high-poverty community. The goal of the partnership is to improve literacy instruction, integrate educational technology, develop positive behavior, and support community involvement.

In the works

In 2017, we expect to finalize agreements allowing education majors to spend a semester student teaching at Caymen International School, forming a master’s in Early Childhood Development and Programming for students in Quanzhou, China and offering disabilities studies courses, taught by UD professors in Volterra, Italy.