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Delaware Educator Scholarships (2019-20)

The College of Education and Human Development
is committed to Delaware residents pursuing a CEHD graduate education.

Teachers, administrators and instructional aides in Delaware public and charter schools automatically receive a tuition scholarship from the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) for graduate courses taken in CEHD.

This scholarship reduces graduate level tuition by approximately 60% of the published UD Tuition Rates. Delaware teachers will pay $697 per credit hour (regular tuition rate for 2019-2020 is $1,898 per credit hour). Tuition rate information is available here.

Please note that teachers are also required to pay all other applicable fees, including the $30 Registration Fee.

Program Details

To qualify for the Delaware Educator Scholarship, educators must:

  • hold a current certificate as a regular, provisional, temporary, or substitute educator in the State of Delaware;
  • hold a current position in a Delaware public school or public charter school; and
  • have taught in Delaware public schools at least one-half of the total class hours during the preceding academic year (90 days).

The tuition scholarship will be automatically applied if verification of eligibility has been provided by the State of Delaware. If the appropriate credit is not reflected, then additional documentation must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Temporary or substitute teachers must submit a letter from their principal or superintendent certifying that they did teach at least 90 days during the preceding academic year.

Prospective full-time teachers in Delaware public elementary and secondary schools are qualified for this credit if they present a copy of their completed contract for the following academic year or a letter from their principal or superintendent certifying that they have legally contracted to teach full-time during the following academic year. This will allow us to apply the appropriate credit to the student account.

The College of Education and Human Development’s Delaware Educator Scholarship does not apply to Travel Study Programs nor to Non-Credit training classes conducted by the Division of Professional and Continuing Studies.

For more information, contact:

David C. Hannah