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HDFS Professional Development Series – Film Viewing & Discussion

(Postponed due to inclement weather) March 7


NEW DATE/TIME: April 4th, 1:30PM-3:30PM

311 Pearson Hall

What’s Race Got to Do with It? chronicles the journey of a diverse group of students participating in a 15-week intergroup dialogue program at U.C. Berkeley. As the students share personal stories, debate hot topics, and confront one another about the role race plays in their lives, they make discoveries about their preconceived ideas and assumptions, and in so doing, help us begin to disentangle our own.

The film goes beyond identity politics, celebratory history and guilt trips to help viewers “see through” achievement myths and create a safe space for open, honest exchange, particularly within educational environments. A brief group discussion will follow led by PhD student, Kenny Daughtry and HDFS faculty member, Dr. Ann Aviles.

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