Award winning College of Education and Human Development students.

The College of Education & Human Development is dedicated to developing solutions to the problems faced by schools and the challenges encountered by children, youth and families around the world.

Our Mission is to make a difference, by advancing knowledge through research; preparing leaders in education and human services; and serving the citizens of Delaware, the nation and the world. See how we impact our community on this 2016 video.

Student Information

Average Annual Enrollment

Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Alternative Routes to Certification

Number of Degree Programs 

  • 1 Associate of Arts
  • 4 Undergraduate
  • 10 Master’s/Specialist
  • 4 Doctoral

2018/2019 Graduating Class:

  • 1208 candidates were enrolled in one of the University of Delaware’s initial teacher preparation programs
  • 157 candidates were enrolled in one of UD’s advanced preparation programs
  • UD had 180 2018-2019 initial teacher preparation completers and 9 advanced program completers
  • 126 of these alumni were full-time teachers and 2 were in graduate school

College Programs

  • Academic Units – School of Education and Human Development & Family Studies
    The graduate education program was ranked 45th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in 2018. The report surveyed 392 schools granting doctoral degrees.
  • Centers – 5 Research Centers and 3 Living Learning Laboratories, along with support services for students and the community. In 2016, our education centers provided professional development training to 10,000 early childcare providers, 2,000 educators and 500 school leaders in Delaware and neighboring states.

New Programs and Initiatives

Research Funding and Initiatives 

$20 million externally-funded expenditures in 2017 (see our Research website for details)

  • Implementing ESL reading interventions
  • Evaluating writing instruction for students in first grade and community college
  • Working to reduce food insecurity in the Bahamas
  • Investigating obstacles to rehabilitation success in substance users due to stigma
  • Developing math instruction to address learning difficulties, especially with fractions.
  • Created Orthopedics in Action, an interdisciplinary education kit with engineering

The history of our College, dating back over 100 years.

Updated 2020