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History of the Marion H. Steele Research Symposium

The Marion H. Steele Symposium honors the memory of Marion H. Steele, a 1928 graduate of the University of Delaware.

This symposium, sponsored by the College of Education and Human Development and the family of Marion H. Steele, in cooperation with the Delaware Association for Family and Consumer Science, features academic work by both undergraduate and graduate student in the fields of consumer and family sciences, human development, family sciences, education, fashion and apparel studies, nutrition, and hotel restaurant and institutional management.

At the University of Delaware, the study of home economics has evolved over time, previously residing within the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and is now located in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). CEHD is pleased to increase the scope of the symposium by including students’ research from both the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences and the School of Education.

Miss Steele dedicated her life to the field of home economics. She spent her 41-year career at the American Home Economics Association (AHEA) and served as longtime editor of the Journal of Home Economics (now The Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences), until her retirement in 1969.

She was a passionate supporter of this field, not only dedicating herself to producing a high-quality academic journal, but also taking an active interest in the development of the AHEA International Scholarship Program. She is credited to paving the way for dozens of students to engage in international study. Her groundbreaking support of international study is especially valued at the University of Delaware as we appreciate the significance that international perspectives provide within our fields of study.

Marion Steele’s legacy at the University of Delaware continues through this symposium, recognizing research that reflects the high standards of scholarly written work to which she dedicated her professional efforts.

We are grateful to the Steele family for their continued support of this symposium.

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