Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Opportunities

  • Evaluating Artifacts of Principal Performance

    Hours/Week: 10 The undergraduate research scholar will contribute to one project within Dr. Lauren Bailes’s research program: this project invites current school leaders and their supervisors to assess Delaware’s principal evaluation rubric. This proje …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Lauren Bailes
    Hours/Week: 8-10
  • Team Readiness for Educational Improvement

    The undergraduate research scholar will contribute to one project within Dr. Lauren Bailes’s research program: this project observes and evaluates a design thinking professional development delivered to schools by the Delaware Department of Education ( …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Lauren P Bailes, PhD
    Hours/Week: 5-7
  • School Improvement and Educational Leadership Preparation

    The undergraduate research scholar will work with Dr. Bryan VanGronigen’s research program, which centers on (a) how to improve schools and (b) how to prepare educational leaders. Depending on interest and/or fit, the scholar is welcome to work on one …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Bryan A. VanGronigen
    Hours/Week: 5-7

    Dr. Barbieri’s research program centers broadly on instruction for students who struggle in math. Specifically, her work focuses on the evaluation and application of learning principles to improve mathematical competencies and motivation for math, espe …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Christina Areizaga Barbieri
    Hours/Week: 8-10
  • Stigma and Health Inequities Lab

    We aim to contribute to research that: (1) promotes understanding of how stigma is associated with health inequities, and (2) identifies strategies to help intervene in stigma and health inequities to promote the wellbeing of people living with sociall …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Valerie Earnshaw , Carly Hill
    Hours/Week: 5-7
  • CRESP – Evalaution Apprenticeship

    The student will work with the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy, CRESP, as part of a team to do qualitative interviewing, quantitative survey summaries and online survey development, as well as reporting results. Reporting will includ …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Allison Karpyn
  • Inequality, Fairness, and Growth: Preferences for Charitable Contributions in Gentrifying Schools

    In this project, we will conduct a series of survey experiments to understand the preferences of parents for a set of hypothetical scenarios related to charitable contributions in recently gentrified (diversified) school settings. Specifically, we ask …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Kenneth Shores
    Hours/Week: 8-10
  • Racial Disparities in Everyday Discrimination and Blood Pressure Trajectories Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults

    The study focuses on how day-to-day exposure to discrimination influences racial disparities in blood pressure over the life course. Discrimination is major a source of stress disproportionately affecting Black adults in the United States and is hypoth …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Heather Farmer, Ph.D.
    Hours/Week: 5-7
  • Survivor-Centered Services during a Pandemic

    Public health experts agree the best approach to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. is enacting large- and small-scale social distancing measures. However, there are vulnerable subpopulations for whom this approach is particularly problematic, …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Ruth Fleury-Steiner, Susan Miller (Sociology & Criminal Justice), Jennifer Horney (Epidemiology)
  • Underpinnings of Early Addition

    Dr. Jordan’s lab group studies the development of mathematical thinking and learning difficulties. In the current study, Pre-K numerical skills will be assessed across time to map their development in different contexts, and examine how these skills ar …

    Faculty Mentor(s): Nancy Jordan
    Hours/Week: 8-10