The Rita M. Fillos Award



Dr. Rita M. Fillos was the founding Director of the Center for Educational Leadership and Evaluation, which was the precursor to the College of Education and Human Development’s (CEHD) Research and Development Center. Dr. Fillos first came to UD as a secretary, and during her employment as a staff member, completed a PhD in Education. As a result, she was deeply dedicated to ongoing professional development.

To recognize her accomplishments, friends of Dr. Fillos collaborated with the dean of the College in to create an award in her memory.


Applicants must:

  1. be enrolled in an academic degree program at the University of Delaware,
  2. provide evidence of distinctive accomplishments in support of the College’s mission.

The recipient of the award will receive $2000.


To be considered for the Fillos Award, the applicant or nominating supervisor must complete the award form and submit the following information to the CEHD HR Manager:

  • Degree being pursued
  • Anticipated date of completion
  • Long-term aspirations
  • Letter of support from applicant’s supervisor stating evidence of distinctive accomplishments in support of the College’s mission

Nominations will be accepted through October 31. The award recipient will be announced at the Fall All-College Meeting.

Selection Process

The Assistant Dean of the College will convene the Award Selection Committee in the spring for the purpose of soliciting nominees and selecting the recipient.

Selection Committee:

  • Senior Assistant Dean, Student Services – Kristine Ritz Coll
  • CEHD HR Manager – Patsy Howaniec
  • Advisory Council for Exempt Staff (ACES) representative – Robin Harbaugh
  • Nonexempt Staff Advisory Council representative – Jo Ann Merritt

Congratulations to our past recipients:

  • 2018 – Angela Cerasaro, OET, and Veronica Commodore, DIEEC
  • 2017 – Nick Bell, School of Education
  • 2016 – Liz Adams, CEHD Dean’s office, and Cait Coster, HDFS
  • 2015 – Deborah Ziomek, Delaware Center for Teacher Education
  • 2014 – Garnett Booker, Early Learning Center